Moon Brother

Lepas tiba2 rajin update pasal raya haritu. Nie tengah rajin nak update pasal MOON MASON.
Kalau yang tengok cerite Baby & Me, mesti ingat baby comel ni. Comel sangat2.

Name: Mason Moon Moorhouse

Hangul: 문 메이슨

Birthdate: March 21, 2007

Birthplace: South Korea
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O 
Occupation: Model, Movie Star
Trademark: smiling and gurgling when there is a lot of people


Aint he is so cute and adorable?? he look like a baby doll. Sekarang ni dah besar dah. dah 5 tahun. 

Reunite with his 'father'. 
Bytheway, these Moon Brother are really cute. Moon mason is the eldest, next is Mavin Moon and the last one is Maden Moon. Aint they are so cute? 

Cute ha? Harap2 anak kite nanti secomel ni. #eh 
Tapi comel kan? geram , macam doll.

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